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Old Testament 2

This course is the second part of our Old Testament studies. Like OT 1, this course also answers the question, “How does the Old Testament reveal different stages in God’s redemption plan for the world?” Students continue learning how the books of the Old Testament fit together to tell God’s story of Israel and the preparation for Messiah.

The Gospels
With the Gospels, God’s promise of life comes to the forefront. Written for both Jews and Gentiles, they show us the Messiah whose death brings us eternal life through a gift of grace to all who believe in Him. Christians and non-Christians alike should seek to become familiar with the Gospels and therefore with the Savior those Gospels portray.
Discovering the Bible

The Bible is God’s Word and His revelation to us. If we are going to grow as a Christian and especially if we are to become a Christian leader, we must know how to handle God’s Word properly. This course deals with how to study, interpret and understand the Bible. It covers what the Bible is, who wrote it, and how we got it, as well as literary forms and other tools for interpretation.